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    Businesswomen’s Association Regional Business Achiever Awards

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    In a recent global survey over 40% of respondents stated that organizational failure to manage talent has contributed to stifling innovation and is having a serious impact on the bottom line.

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    43% partially attributed the failure to achieve key financial targets to ineffective people management.

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    CoachMatching has successfully matched over 800 people, with 98% right first time. "The match is exceptional"

    - Senior Manager Allan Gray

  • Showcase 5

    PWC research reveals that by 2020, 50% of the global workforce will be made up of Millennials, requiring a step change in leadership style.

Assessments & Consulting

CoachMatching offers a depth of business, systems and HR specialist expertise and consulting services. We partner with our clients to develop strategic plans and support them through to implementation.


Training Options

We develop leaders, teams and individual contributors. Based on academic research and applied neuroscience our workshops are highly interactive and utilise the latest learning platforms.



One to One Coaching/Team, Group Coaching or Coaching Circles our national team of credible and experienced coaches deliver results. We focus on ensuring maximum ROI and finding the best fit coach for your specific needs.

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About CoachMatching

CoachMatching is a national coaching, learning & development and strategic management consulting company.

We have a national pool of highly experienced professional coaches from a variety of disciplines, backgrounds and coaching schools who have all been assessed through our Assessment Centre.

CoachMatching has partnered with associate companies to form strategic alliances throughout South Africa. This enhances our ability to deliver national and regional bespoke solutions for our clients.

"My experience of working with CoachMatching has been seamless. I have found the approach taken to be robust, transparent, informed by best practice and collaborative. There is a high level of focus on the coaching team's learning and development together with a strong orientation towards building a brand that is reputable, reliable and delivers excellence in the field. I have also experienced the approach to assessing, matching and delivering to the client's needs to be professional, thorough and highly effective. It is a win win for all."

Our values are: Innovation, Integrity, Partnership, Quality and Customer Service.