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Elizabeth Breuning-Ellis

Executive Coach and Breath and Mindfulness specialist

Elizabeth has worked with a depth and breath of clients from EXCO to shop floor. She has worked in the fields of health care, supportive intervention and coaching for over 15 years and has integrated many different modalities and insights to develop facilitation models that encourage expansion on all levels of being.


Elizabeth has also spent many years developing the ability to accurately assess patterns of thinking and behaviour – often the cause of clients’ current limitation.

She has pursued a lifelong path of personal growth, and her quest for knowledge relating to human development has included studies in Non-linear and Systems Dynamics, Energy Medicine, Consciousness Coaching and Neuroscience in Coaching. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Counselling, and has qualified in Levels I and II in Spiral Dynamics (a map of the development of values in people – looking at not so much what we think but how we think).

Elizabeth utilises information from across this huge spectrum of disciplines, ranging from psychology and science, spirituality and mindfulness to brain based techniques recognising the plasticity and complexity of the human brain. These modalities combine to form a formidable approach to anxiety disorders, addictions, learning problems, low self-esteem and inability to set out and achieve goals.


She headed up a turn-around project for Merchants in 2009 through to 2010, working within the Vodacom call centre in Johannesburg. This included change faciliation, relationship building and EQ development, workshop development and facilitation, conflict management and team building.

Elizabeth took over as is chairlady for an NPO in Somerset West in 2013, which at the time was close to shutting down due to financial strain, staff problems and poor compliance. She implemented a turnaround strategy that saw it returning to a stable state financially with healthy staff dynamics, and a status of ‘recommended NPO’. It is going from strength to strength with sufficient current funding as well as a strong pipeline, good relationships with organisations and government, and 14 disabled children being assisted towards their best potential.

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