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Paddy Gray

Executive and leadership Coach Culture and transformational specialist and systemic team coach

Paddy has been consulting to corporate leadership teams in the areas of strategy since 2004 and since 2010 she has specifically focused on organisational culture as a lever to achieve business performance. She does this by diagnosing the organisational culture and then supports the leadership team to progressively shift the prevailing culture to become one […]


Paddy is driven to help leaders create human-centric organisations where people take pride in contributing meaningfully to the business fulfilling its strategic mission and vision.

Coaching and Consulting Approach

Paddy is passionate about helping people to thrive. Her coaching focus is to support leaders be more resourceful in their “way of being”, to have greater impact and achieve the results they seek. Her consulting focus is to help leader teams cultivate a high performance organisational culture, to lead by example and inspire others to become more self-aware and to grow.  Her personal values include integrity, respect, coaching and mentoring, ethics, trust and wellbeing.

Areas of Expertise

  • Coaching: Personal, executive and team coaching
  • Culture Consulting: Strategy formulation, diagnostic assessments and culture-shaping implementation.
  • Business strategy Consulting: Facilitation of strategy design; goal-setting (business, team and individual) and strategy implementation
  • Facilitation: Leadership and organisational alignment
  • Leadership and team profiling assessments
  • Personal mastery program facilitation
  • Organisational change management

Levels of Client Engagement

Board members; CEO and Executive teams (Group and Business Unit); Senior and Middle management

Industry and Functional Experience

  • Product Marketing; Sales; Program Management; Business strategy; Human Resources – Culture and Change Management
  • Information Technology (IT); Telecoms; Media; Financial Services; Petro-chemical; Mining; NGO
  • On a personal level, Paddy values relationships and people are likely to experience her as optimistic, enthusiastic and inspired.



Paddy has extensive experience in the Information Technology and Telecoms sectors in particular, where she has held executive roles with responsibility for marketing, sales, organisational strategy and culture transformation. Her experience includes the design and implementation of culture and business strategy alignment, especially in large groups where the approach involves cascading initiatives at scale throughout the organisation. As a result of being directly responsible for the strategy and implementation of business transformation, Paddy is able to ground her consulting approach in learnings from her own practical experiences.  Her engagements span diverse business environments from entrepreneurs to listed corporations; from private professionals to Boards and executive teams.

Professional and Corporate Experience

  • 28 years in diverse corporate leadership roles
  • 12 years in business strategy (Corporate advisory)
  • 6 years in organisational culture transformation
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