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Peter Womersley

Executive business Coach

Peter understands what keeps people in positions of power and responsibility awake at night. As a CEO of a large manufacturing enterprise, he has achieved breakthrough results turning a history of losses into profits which saw triple digit growth over a short period of time. As an entrepreneur he has started and run businesses from […]


Peter is a high energy coach who speaks to an integrated model of what it means to be fully human and the impact this has on performance and effectiveness in the broadest sense.  He is cognisant of working from a place of integrity, responsibility and authenticity and this also informs his approach.

He cares for his clients and attempts to overpromise and over deliver.  Out of the workplace, I am equally at home with coaching people to create breakthrough results in all areas of their lives.

deal Coaching Assignment

  • Coaching as part of a transformational process inside organisations
  • Coaching as part of leadership development
  • Business Coaching
  • Coaching Entrepreneurs
  • Coaching individuals to achieve breakthrough results in their lives


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