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Priyal Ramdass

Executive Leadership Coach and Facilitator

Priyal is passionate about developing and shaping the leadership of tomorrow across all industries. She has 20 years of corporate & consulting experience spanning across multiple industries with emphasis on the Global Financial & FMCG industries; She spent the last 7 years as the head of leadership & pipeline development COE & internal coach for […]


Her 20 years of experience & background in psychology, adult learning & development, Talent & Performance management drives her understanding of leadership and what is required to succeed in today’s world, utilizing the most innovative digital tools & technologies.

Priyal has an insatiable curiosity to learn and grow constantly looking at how organisations across all industries can transform & evolve.

Priyal works at an individual, team and at an organisational level. She has developed leadership strategies, accredited learning solutions & talent pipeline pathways, executive traineeships & Action learning business programmes in line with the high performer functional pipeline strategies for businesses across Africa with keen focus on business ROI.

Priyal has facilitated countless transformational conversations. She is astute at creating a safe environment and her strong facilitation skills allows her delegates to be vulnerable as they explore the truest expressions of themselves making mental shifts for sustainable behavioural change.



Priyal has implemented & managed projects through various organisational change transitions to build positive organisational behaviours’, leadership development, team effectiveness, employee engagement, organisational culture and climate, diversity and inclusion, and change readiness; As a self-professed student of human behaviour she holds a myriad of professional and academic qualifications which enable her to utilise various modalities in her work in organisations.

Priyal’s specialisation is on designing leadership journeys’ & executive leadership coaching across job levels with a keen interest in high potential leaders moving up the leadership pipeline.

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