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Sav Goldridge

Executive Leadership and Team Coach Enneagram Fundi Agile Coach and Trauma specialist

As a COMENSA and ICF Accredited Coach (Neuroleadership Institute and Consciousness Coaching International) Sav offers more than 10 years and 3500 hours of experience at all organisational levels (Intern to Group Executive level and Teams across organisations). She is an Agile Talent/HR Certified Coach, Prosci Change Manager and a Certified Trauma Support Specialist.



As founder of CoachSav – Sav is a Transformational, Executive and Team Coach and Holistic Healer who facilitates trains and consults on Well-being, Change Management, Leadership and Organisational Resilience. Prior to this Sav has held various leadership and professional positions within listed South African organisations.

As an accredited Identity Maturation (IMf) and Aephoria Identity Map (AIM) Practitioner Sav uses the Identity Maturation framework (IMf) to measure where clients fall on an adult maturation typology and then compliments this with the Enneagram personality assessment which provides a transformational launch pad for individual and team development.

Through applying an Integrated Coach Therapy Practitioner approach Sav allows her clients to experience various modalities and wellness tools (including counselling, trauma work, CBT, NLP etc) to release and/or transform any problem, unwanted or unhelpful feelings or behaviours, belief systems and patterns related to past experiences.

Her preferred Profiling Tool for supporting personal and team breakthroughs is the Enneagram – Sav is a Level 1 and Level 2 accredited IE9 Integrative Enneagram Practitioner and Level 1 Practitioner Trainer. She also holds a Yellow belt in Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy Self Mastery Training. Sav uses the Enneagram to support healing and transformation in Individuals, Teams and Families. Various tools are incorporated in her client solutions and interventions including Neurolink, Enneagram, Team Health Check, Well-being, EI and Change Impact Assessments, etc.

Sav’s clients include Students, Individuals, Couples, Teams, Executives and Leaders of companies locally in South Africa and abroad on various continents in various sectors including Contact Centres, Built Environment, Pay-TV, IT, Banking, Insurance, Health, Advertising and Design, FMCG, Mining, etc.

She practices Holistic Natural Healing and is qualified in Reiki, Buddha, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Trauma, Meta Coaching, Counselling, Family and Organisations Systems Constellations and has completed a Mastery Level Shamanic Journey (Cuzco, Peru) and a Traditional Healing Journey in South Africa.

Sav has a private practice in Johannesburg, a regional practice in Cape Town and works with clients across the globe in US, UK, Scandinavia and Europe.

Sav truly believes in the awesome power of human beings and enabling their positive sustainable transformation.

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