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Shelley Lewin

Executive Coach and "The Relationship Architect"

“Company’s don’t succeed. People do. High performing leaders = high performing businesses”. Shelley Lewin is the change-maker behind the brand ‘The Relationship Architect’ which provides solutions for change in personal and professional development. Since 2006, Shelley has designed bespoke processes for high performance (thriving) and optimal growth in & between individuals and groups by shifting perspectives/mindsets […]


Shelley delivers: executive coaching with individuals (face to face and virtually) and teams; corporate training on personal leadership and TotalSDI relationship awareness workshops.

Shelley’s (w)holistic approach to sustainable change is a combination of neuroscience/ a neurological-biological approach (Neurozone), psycho-neuro methodology (PSYCH-K facilitation) as well as solution and future focused linguistic techniques. In her role as an internationally accredited Solution Focused Brief Coach (ICF- PCC) she collaborates with executives as a thinking partner, working independently and collaboratively to consciously craft their lives, relationships, careers, teams & organizations. To live by design, not default.

In her capacity as a certified counsellor in private practice, Shelley works 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 to renovate and restore connectedness between couples. She has developed her own methodologies and delivers workshops on a variety of topics. Her articles have featured in a variety of publications and you can find her press and media interviews on her website www.tracoaching.com.

Solutions-for-change options:

• Virtual and Face to face 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 coaching

• Facilitating couple/pair, team & group coaching in a variety of contexts

• Corporate Training and education on a variety of topics

• Delivering thought provoking content at speaking events

• Expert contribution for magazines, press and radio

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