15 Secrets of Really Persuasive People

Whether you’re convincing your boss to fund your project or your preschooler to wipe his own hiney after using the bathroom, persuasion is a skill that's instrumental to your success in life.

Persuasive people have an uncanny ability to get you leaning toward their way of thinking. Their secret weapon is likeability. They get you to like more than their ideas; they get you to like them.


Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People

When emotional intelligence first appeared to the masses, it served as the missing link in a peculiar finding: people with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs 70% of the time. This anomaly threw a massive wrench into what many people had always assumed was the sole source of success—IQ. Decades of research now point to emotional intelligence as the critical factor that sets star performers apart from the rest of the pack.


How to Disagree with Someone More Powerful than You

Your boss proposes a new initiative you think won’t work. Your senior colleague outlines a project timeline you think is unrealistic. What do you say when you disagree with someone who has more power than you do? How do you decide whether it’s worth speaking up? And if you do, what exactly should you say?


Work getting you down? Call in a career coach - the new trend for ambitious women

Natalie Trice worked in PR for 18 years before she took time off to care for her family – but after eight months of staying home full-time she felt utterly lost.

‘I’d fallen out of love with PR and felt a bit demoralised,’ she explains. ‘I knew I didn’t want an all-consuming job but I needed to do something other than being a mother.’ Terrified of losing her identity, she sought advice from a professional and, within a matter of weeks, had secured a book deal


How the Over-Networked Can Manage Their Contacts

The day I declared that I was hosting an angel investment network was the day my circle of relationships seemed to grow exponentially. Suddenly there was a new swath of people who were “friendly” toward me. It’s nice to feel useful, though there is a point at which the number of relationships and requests becomes overwhelming. How on earth do you keep in contact with all these people? How can you meet all the requests they make of you?


6 Ways to Recruit Superstar Talent to Your New Company

Recruiting in today’s ultra-competitive job market is tough and success can often hinge on the team that you already have in place. Some sources suggest that in the start-up world the team is second only to timing when it comes to recruiting. The team is more important than the idea, the business model, and funding. The same can be said for established companies. Without great people, and continuously attracting new top talent, you’re sooner or later bound to fail. So whether you’re a founder of a startup, a young CEO, or a veteran leader, if you have big plans, you have one job: Put together the strongest team possible.


New Managers Need a Philosophy About How They’ll Lead

Being promoted to manager is a good sign you’ve been successful to date — however,  the road from this point forward gets trickier to navigate. Your job is no longer just about getting the work done. You’re more likely now to find yourself juggling conflicting demands, delivering difficult messages, and addressing performance problems. While there is no guidebook of straightforward answers to your new challenges, having a clear philosophy can provide a firm foundation from which to operate.


Advice From The Youngest Self-Made Female Billionaire in History

I had the opportunity to attend the keynote presentation of Sara Blakely, Founder of Spanx.  In her one-hour talk, Sara highlighted her fascinating journey from launching a start-up with $5000 in savings to becoming the youngest self-made female billionaire in history. Anyone who’s heard Sara’s story knows it’s exhilarating and motivating, but to see her live brings a new dimension to her story.  She’s fresh, exuberant, funny and completely passionate about helping women feel and look their best, and about reforming all of the misguided trends that have kept in women in painful and ill-fitting undergarments over the last 50 years.


How to Deal with a Passive-Aggressive Colleague

Your colleague says one thing in a meeting but then does another. He passes you in the hallway without saying hello and talks over you in meetings. But when you ask to speak with him about it, he insists that everything’s fine and the problem is all in your head. What should you do? First, don’t lose your cool, and don’t accuse the person of acting passive-aggressively — that will only make him madder. Take a step back and ask yourself if you’re contributing to the issue in some way. Then talk to the person to address the underlying business issue in a calm, matter-of-fact way. Recount how some of your previous interactions have played out, explaining the impact it’s having on you and possibly others. If feasible, show that the behavior is working against something your counterpart cares about, like achieving the team’s goals.


When You’re Worried About a Colleague’s Mental Health

Your usually dependable colleague is missing deadlines, failing to get his work done, disappearing for long periods of time, or suddenly prone to outbursts and other erratic behavior. You may wonder if something serious is going on. Could it be anxiety, a mental illness like depression, or a mood disorder? How do you address what’s happening — and should you? How can you be a caring colleague without trying to play the role of psychologist?


Harvard Study Unveils What Meditation Literally Does To The Brain

Numerous studies have indicated the many physiological benefits of meditation, and the latest one comes from Harvard University.

An eight week study conducted by Harvard researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) determined that meditation literally rebuilds the brains grey matter in just eight weeks. It’s the very first study to document that meditation produces changes over time in the brain’s grey matter. (1)

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