The Dynamics of Success

What is the “good life”? The ancient Greeks discussed this issue at great length. For Aristotle, “the life lived well” lies in moderation and the“Golden Mean”, that appeal to calibrate our behaviour between extremes, which applies wisdom, virtue and thepractice of good habits to find the “middle way”.

This analysis seems to be meeting short shrift in the 21st century, at least judging from the prevailing mood within the self improvement industry. For Keith Ferrazzi,“balance is bullshit”, and life success lies in passionate focus around the “one thing”. Or, as Felix Dennis in “How to Get Rich” more directly puts it: “Tunnel vision helps. Being a bit of a shit helps.” Felix Dennis, in his refreshingly candid book, points out that his advice will help you become extremely rich, but demands “blood,sweat and tears”, and will probably make you miserable.

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