LIfe Dynamics Extended Report

This analysis is intended to stimulate your thinking about:

  • what is important to you in life
  • the tactics that are helping or hindering you make progress towards your goals
  • how you manage the opportunities and risks of life’s challenges

We hope you find working through this report a thought provoking exercise. The language is intentionally direct. It is not our aim to offend but to provide clarity of meaning to stimulateyour thinking.

We recommend that you have an initial reviewof the report, familiarising yourself with thematerial and evaluating the key themes fromyour specific results. Then put the report to one side for a while. You may also want to share the findings with a family member,friend or work colleague. Talking through the results with a trusted advisor or coach will open up new insights.

Then work through the Action Planning section, noting your conclusions and next steps. You may find it useful to return to this report and your actions in twelve months to evaluate your progress.

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